Company Profile


Let window covering providing extraordinary value to the space.

Legacy for half century through time, Apex was established in 1977 and has been 40 years providing service. Customer’s feedback was the top priority and also motivation, so Apex offered the best product based on customer’s need. Apex believed that a good product was able to make as a finishing touch in a room. Started from venetian blind, pretty soon it became basic commodities in every family. Since 1997, roller blind has become revolutionary product and developed as a standard in the market.

Apex exclusive developed both fashion trend and functional performance among diversity product through high-tech Cloud System. Apex team insisted to do the research and development using Western quality imported material in order to match the requirement and create high added value with more selection to the customer. Customer who chooses from Apex shows a great taste. The product can improve atmosphere inside to make the room full of elegant and noble, and precisely observe every inch shadow movement through adjusting brightness like dancing with light; one hand controls nature.

Apex is planning a yearly challenge and eager for innovation attitude, so Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung has established a displayed operation office succession. Recent year, Apex also successfully entered oversea market such as China, Philippine, and Thailand. Apex will promote “made in Taiwan” spirit and quality to the world, and this will create fashion again with the witness of light and shadow. Apex team believes that a vitality building must has unique feature in the space so that Apex window covering can create this value to the space.




Calendar year products

  • 1977 Venetian Blinds
  • 1981 Vertical Blinds
  • 1990 Roman Blinds Track
  • 1997 Roller Blinds
  • 1998 Motorization Curtain System
  • 1999 Panel Blinds System
  • 2000 Skylight
  • 2005 S-Curtain Track
  • 2006 Cellular Shade
  • 2006 Double Roll Screen
  • 2007 Intelligent Motorization Curtain System
  • 2008 Bamboo Venetian Blind
  • 2008 Fanwood Venetian Blind
  • 2009 T35, T50 Curtain Track
  • 2009 Triple Blind
  • 2009 New Triple Blind
  • 2009 Roman Roll Screen
  • 2010 Magic Roll Screen
  • 2012 Lohas Blinds
  • 2013 One Cord Wood Blind
  • 2015 One Chain Venetian Blind
  • 2016 One Chain Cllular Shade Standard System
  • 2016 One Chain Cllular Shade Up-Down System
  • 2016 One Chain Cllular Shade Top-Down System
  • 2016 Vansas Blind
  • 2016 Solus Blind